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This is required for Release 1.5.2 or ealier which has no "in-kernel pppoe".
NetBSD Documentation: Steps to connect via PPPoE (DSL)
The same thing in Japanese (日本語)
  1. kernel configuration
    Have following line in configuration file .
    pseudo-device  pppoe
    It is included in -current after 2001/12/14
  2. some important setup
    ifconfig pppoe create
  3. various setup
    man pppoectl ..
         ispppcontrol [-v] ifname [parameter[=value]] [...]
         pppoectl -e ethernet-ifname [-s service-name] [-a
                  access-concentrator-name] ifname
    # Need ethernet interface UP (or it won't send any packets) 
    ifconfig rtk0 up mtu 1500
    # Create a pseudo device 
    ifconfig pppoe0 create # Let pppoe0 use rtk0 as it's ethernet interface 
    pppoectl -e rtk0 pppoe0 
    # Configure authentication 
    pppoectl pppoe0 \ 
           myauthproto=pap \ 
           myauthname=???? \ 
           myauthsecret=???? \ 
    # Configure the pppoe0 interface itself. This addresses are magic 
    # meaning we don't care about either address and let the remote 
    # ppp choose them. 
    ifconfig pppoe0 up mtu 1454
    route flush 
    route add -net default -iface 
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