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A Annotate the assembler output with miscellaneous debugging information.
D Dump all macro definitions, at the end of preprocessing, in addition to normal output.
a Produce all the dumps listed above
m Print statistics on memory usage, at the end of the run, to standard error.
p Annotate the assembler output with a comment indicating which pattern and alternative was used. The length of each instruction is also printed.
P Dump the RTL in the assembler output as a comment before each instruction. Also turns on -dp annotation.
x Just generate RTL for a function instead of compiling it. Usually used with r.
y Dump debugging information during parsing, to standard error.
r RTL generation file.00.rtl
i sibling call optimizations file.01.sibling
h finalization of EH handling code file.02.eh
j the first jump optimization file.03.jump
e SSA optimizations file.04.ssa and file.07.ussa
W SSA conditional constant propagation file.05.ssaccp
X SSA dead code elimination file.06.ssadce
u null pointer elimination pass file.08.null
s CSE (including the jump optimization that sometimes follows CSE) file.09.cse
F purging "ADDRESSOF" codes file.10.addressof
G GCSE file.11.gcse
L loop optimization file.12.loop
b computing branch probabilities file.14.bp
f control and data flow analysis file.14.cfg
C the first if conversion file.15.ce1
T running tracer file.16.tracer
t the second CSE pass (including the jump optimization that sometimes follows CSE) file.17.cse2
f Also life analysis file.18.life
c instruction combination file.19.combine
N the register move pass file.21.regmove
S the first scheduling pass file.22.sched
l local register allocation file.23.lreg
g global register allocation file.24.greg
o post-reload optimizations file.25.postreload
w the second flow pass file.26.flow2
z the peephole pass file.27.peephole2
n register renumbering file.28.rnreg
E the second if conversion file.29.ce3
R the second scheduling pass file.30.sched2
k conversion from registers to stack file.31.stack
B block reordering file.32.bbro
M performing the machine dependent reorganization pass file.33.mach
d delayed branch scheduling file.34.dbr
v For each of the other indicated dump files (except for file.00.rtl), dump a representation of the control flow graph suitable for viewing with VCG file.pass.vcg.
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