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NetBSD 解説

Last Update: "2008/07/19 11:44:06 makoto"


/usr/src の下にある build.sh を使うと、その時点での release を作ることが 出来ます (release って何 ? どういう形式 ? という向きには、man release します)。 通常は
# ./build.sh release
% time sudo ./build.sh release >& ../log
などとするのも便利です。 -h を入力すると、次のように説明を表示します。
ttyp0:makoto@modena 11:40:08/080719(...20080718/src)> ./build.sh -h

Usage: build.sh [-EnorUux] [-a arch] [-B buildid] [-C cdextras] [-D dest]
                [-j njob] [-M obj] [-m mach] [-N noisy] [-O obj] [-R release]
                [-T tools] [-V var=[value]] [-w wrapper] [-X x11src] [-Z var]
                operation [...]

 Build operations (all imply "obj" and "tools"):
    build               Run "make build".
    distribution        Run "make distribution" (includes DESTDIR/etc/ files).
    release             Run "make release" (includes kernels & distrib media).

 Other operations:
    help                Show this message and exit.
    makewrapper         Create nbmake-${MACHINE} wrapper and nbmake.
                        Always performed.
    obj                 Run "make obj".  [Default unless -o is used]
    tools               Build and install tools.
    install=idir        Run "make installworld" to `idir' to install all sets
                        except `etc'.  Useful after "distribution" or "release"
    kernel=conf         Build kernel with config file `conf'
    releasekernel=conf  Install kernel built by kernel=conf to RELEASEDIR.
    sets                Create binary sets in
                        DESTDIR should be populated beforehand.
    sourcesets          Create source sets in RELEASEDIR/source/sets.
    syspkgs             Create syspkgs in
    iso-image           Create CD-ROM image in RELEASEDIR/iso.
    iso-image-source    Create CD-ROM image with source in RELEASEDIR/iso.
    params              Display various make(1) parameters.

    -a arch     Set MACHINE_ARCH to arch.  [Default: deduced from MACHINE]
    -B buildId  Set BUILDID to buildId.
    -C cdextras Set CDEXTRA to cdextras
    -D dest     Set DESTDIR to dest.  [Default: destdir.MACHINE]
    -E          Set "expert" mode; disables various safety checks.
                Should not be used without expert knowledge of the build system.
    -h          Print this help message.
    -j njob     Run up to njob jobs in parallel; see make(1) -j.
    -M obj      Set obj root directory to obj; sets MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.
                Unsets MAKEOBJDIR.
    -m mach     Set MACHINE to mach; not required if NetBSD native.
    -N noisy    Set the noisyness (MAKEVERBOSE) level of the build:
                    0   Quiet
                    1   Operations are described, commands are suppressed
                    2   Full output
                [Default: 2]
    -n          Show commands that would be executed, but do not execute them.
    -O obj      Set obj root directory to obj; sets a MAKEOBJDIR pattern.
                Unsets MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.
    -o          Set MKOBJDIRS=no; do not create objdirs at start of build.
    -R release  Set RELEASEDIR to release.  [Default: releasedir]
    -r          Remove contents of TOOLDIR and DESTDIR before building.
    -T tools    Set TOOLDIR to tools.  If unset, and TOOLDIR is not set in
                the environment, nbmake will be (re)built unconditionally.
    -U          Set MKUNPRIVED=yes; build without requiring root privileges,
                install from an UNPRIVED build with proper file permissions.
    -u          Set MKUPDATE=yes; do not run "make cleandir" first.
                Without this, everything is rebuilt, including the tools.
    -V v=[val]  Set variable `v' to `val'.
    -w wrapper  Create nbmake script as wrapper.
                [Default: ${TOOLDIR}/bin/nbmake-${MACHINE}]
    -X x11src   Set X11SRCDIR to x11src.  [Default: /usr/xsrc]
    -x          Set MKX11=yes; build X11R6 from X11SRCDIR
    -Z v        Unset ("zap") variable `v'.


./build.sh の途中で問題が起き、それを修正して再開するような場合:
old pkgsrc

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